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 bambis story 2

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baby bambi

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PostSubject: bambis story 2   Sun Apr 01, 2007 8:13 pm

ok heres the next part. remember this the 2nd story based on bambi 2. ready? here we go.


after finally looking for awhile bambus dad walks up to him. bambi gasps.

great prince: youre mother cant be with you any longer. come my son. the great prince leads bambi to a thicket. friend owl flies by to see how bambi is.
friend owl: i came as soon as i got the news. is he ok?
great prince: yes. friend owl in the morning i want you to find bambi a suitable mother.
friend: yes. but with it still being winter it will be hard. perhaps you could...
great prince: (looking perplexed) me. take care of him? princes takes care of the herd. does take care of the young.
friend owl: how about you take care of him til the spring?
great prince: ok. but til the spring.

days later. spring is coming and the snow is melting. some water from the snow is dropping on the inside and hits bambis nose.
bambi: (startled runs out and bumps into the great prince) ohh. morning.
great prince: youre late bambi. if youre late again ill have no choice but to.... *a noise from bambis stomach is heard* what was that?
bambi: what was what? *it does it again* ohh. i must be hungry.
greta prince: then you must eat. (bambi looks confused) ohh here. (digs up a branch) here eat this.
bambi: (sniffs) ugh no thanks. (in disgust)
great prince: have you had it before?
bambi: well no.
great prince: then how do you know if you like it?
bambi eats the branch and starts chewing it.
bambi: mm hmm. mm hmm. *swallows it* ugh.

whatll happen next? will bambis dad send him away to a new family orwill he keep him with him. part 2 is coming up soon. keep watching.
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bambis story 2
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