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 baby bambis story.

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baby bambi

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PostSubject: baby bambis story.   Sun Nov 05, 2006 6:02 pm

part 1: its morning in the forest. everything is quiet. every1 is getting ready for a new day. suddenly a bluebird comes twittering the news.
bluebird: ohh my have you heard. the prince is born. hes in the forest. hurry.
meanwhile a baby rabbit named thumper is just coming out of the rabbit hole wearing his diaper. thumper hearing the news got all excited and ran around thumping his hind leg on friend owls log.
friend owl: hey whats going on here. whats happening.
thumper: its happened its happened.
friend owl: whats happened? why am i the last 1 to find out these things. ooh this better be good. thumper you little bugger how dare you wake me you know im nocturnal. now whats all the hubub.
thumper: ohh yeah sorry friend owl. but the new prince is born. were going to see him. come on you better hurry up.
friend owl: the new... the new prince is born. ohh this i gotta see.
a hush comes over the crowd when they enter the thicket. for there in the thicket right next to a proud mom was a fawn diapered and ready for the world to greet him.
friend owl: well this is quite an occasion. yes sir its not every day a prince is born. congratulations.
all the animals: congratulations.
the proud mother: thank you very much. wake up little 1. we have company.
the fawn opens his eyes and looks around.
animals: hello there. hello little prince.
the new fawns a little shy. he looks at friend owl.
friend owl: whoo hoo. *laughs* whoo hoo. *laughs* whoo hoo.
the fawn giggles. he tries to stand and suceeds but is a little wobbly. thumper walks over to the prince looking at him perplexed.
thumper: he doesnt walk very good does he.
the fawn looks a little perplexed and doesnt understand and starts crying. thumpers mom gives thumper a stern look.
thumpers mom: thumper! hes not old enough to walk yet. you made him upset.
thumper: ohh pwease dont cry young prince. me didnt mean it that away. but you are kinda wobbly. arent ya.
the fawn smiles and bleats because this is the only thing he can do because he hasnt learned how to talk yet. he falls backwards towards his mom. he looks sleepy.
friend owl: looks like hes getting kinda sleepy. i think we should leave so he can sleep. go on shoo shoo.
friend owl helps get all the animals out of the thicket. just as thumpers mom leaves she notices thumper is still next to the prince.
thumpers mom: thumper. come on. lets let him sleep.
thumper starts to leave the thicket but not before he asks 1 question.
thumper: what you gonna call him?
fawns mom: well i think ill call him bambi.
thumper: bambi huh. yep i guess thatll do awright.

stay tuned for more of this story.
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baby bambi

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PostSubject: Re: baby bambis story.   Wed Nov 08, 2006 2:40 pm

part 2: its been a few days and bambi and his mom get ready for a walk in the forest.
bambis mom: lets see. your blankie, diaper bag, and diapers just in case.
they walk out of the thicket, bambi who is still a little shy walks behind his mom. on the way through the forest they come across some quail.
mom quail: good morning.
bambis mom: good morning ms. quail.
mom quail: and wheres the young prince this mor.. ohh. good morning bambi.
baby quails: good morning young prince.
baby quail: goodbye.
a bunch of possums surprise him.
mom possum: good morning young prince.
baby possums: good morning young prince.
bambi looks up at them perplexed wonderimg how they could hang upside down. just then he comes upon a mole.
mole: morning. hmm. nice sunny day.
being curious bambi follows the mole into tall grass but gets caught up in the tall grass and falls. not knowing what to do he cries. bambis mom and thumper and his mom and sisters walk up while shes consoling.
rabbits: what happened? what happened? did the young prince fall down? is he hurt?
bambi calms down.
bambis mom: no hes alright. he just got scared thats all.
thumper: he doesnt walk very well does he?
thumpers words upset bambi and since he still doesnt understand he starts crying again.
thumpers mom: thumper!
thumper: yes mamma.
thumpers mom: what did your father tell you this morning?
thumper: if you cant say something nice.... *pauses* dont say nothing at all.
bambis mom: come on get up try again. whoops looks like you wet yourself. 1 second all. *changes him* ok try again little 1.
thumper and his sisters: come on bambi get up and try again.
he gets up slowly and stands straight. they all run to a log where thumper is. he starts thumping his leg on it.
thumper: im thumping thats why they call me thumper *it echos* thumper. *echos*
they all chase each other out of the log. they come across another 1 and they all hop over it but bambi.
thumper: come on. you can do it. hop over it like this.
thumper and his sisters starts hopping over the log saying "hop over it" he takes a few steps back and jumps halfway over it.
thumper: ya didnt hop far enough.
puts 1 leg over.
thumper: thats it now the other 1.
bambi puts his other leg over but crosses it with his left and falls over thumper.
thumper: gee whiz. what happened that time?
they come across some birds. he looks at them looking curious.
thumper: those are birds.
bambi: *trying to talk* bir. bir.
rabbits: look hes trying to talk.
bambi: bir.
rabbits: hes trying to say bird.
thumper: say bird.
bambi: bir. *mimicking thumper*
thumper: bird.
bambi: bir.
thumper: uh uh. bir-d
they all start cheering him on saying "say bird"
bambi: *takes a deep breath* bird!
rabbits: he talked. he talked. he talked mamma. the young prince said bird.
bambi: *feeling proud of himself starts repeating the word bird to himself* bird bird bird bird.
a butterfly flies past him. curious he follows it. it lands on his tail.
bambi: *not sure what it is calls it the 1st thing that comes to mind* bird.
thumper: thats not a bird thats a butterfly.
bambi: *looking perplexed* butterfly. *thumper nods* butter...
he comes to a flower.
bambi: *still usure of things he calls it the 1st thing that comes to mind* butterfly.
thumper: no thats not butterfly thats a flower.
bambi: *still perlexed* flower?
thumper: yeah its pwetty. *sniffs the flowers*
bambi: pwetty. *sniffs them and sees something black coming out. on the end of it was a skunk. not knowing what it is he calls it the 1st thing that comes to his mind again* flower.
skunk: me?
thumper: *rolls over laughing* no no no no. thats not a flower hes a little...
skunk: well thats alwight he can call me a flower if he wants to. *laughs* i dont mind.
bambi: pwetty pwetty flower.
skunk: ohh. *laughs embarrasingly* gosh.

part 3 is coming so stay tuned
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baby bambi

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PostSubject: Re: baby bambis story.   Thu Nov 09, 2006 7:55 pm

part3: that night theres a storm. thumper and bambi are still out when it comes

thumper: i think id better go home now.
bambi goes home to his thicket and settles down with his mom. curious of the rain he watches it drop. then it starts storming. this scares bambi. and he hides and starts crying.
bambi: make it stop mommee.
bambis mom: its just a rain storm honey.
the storm continues and bambi is still hiding. the storm calms down and bambi has cried himself to sleep.
bambis mom: bambi? sleep tight little 1.
the next day.
bambi: mother what are we gonna do today?
bambis mom: *trying to keep up while lugging his diaper bag* im gonna take you to the meadow.
bambi: the meadow. whats the meadow?
bambis mom: its a very wonderful place.
bambi: then why havent we been there befowe?
bambis mom: you werent big enough.
bambi: mother ya know what?
bambis mom: what?
bambi: were not the only deer in the forest.
bambis mom: who told you that?
bambi: thumper told me.
bambis mom: well hes right. there are many deer in the forest.
bambi: den why dont i eber see em?
bambis mom: you will sometime.
bambi: on the meadow?
bambis mom: perhaps. hush now were almost there.
they come out to a clearing. bambis excited.
bambi: the meadow!!!!
bambis mom sees him and stops him in his tracks.
bambis mom: bambi stop. you must never rush out on the meadow. the meadow is wide and long and there are no trees or bushes to hide us so we have to be very careful. ill go out 1st and if the meadow is safe ill call you.
bambi stays behind while his mom goes and checks to seeif its safe. she looks around and looks back to see if bambi is still there. he hides even more as to not be found just in case. she hears birds and knows its safe.
bambis mom: come on bambi its alright. come on.
he comes out and him and his mom frolick around the meadow. bambi sees thumpers sisters in a bunch of flowers.
rabbits: good morning prince bambi.
thumpers mom: good morning young prince.
bambi: hewwo. what ya eatin'.
rabbits: clovers. its awfully good.
thumper: *coming out of a bunch of them* its delicous. why dont you try some? *bambi starts eating* no no. not that stuff just eat the blossoms thats the good stuff. *starts to eat a blossom*
thumpers mom: thumper.
thumper: yes mamma.
thumpers mom: what did your father tell you?
thumper: bout what.
thumpers mom: about eating the blossoms and leaving the greens.
thumper: ohh that 1. *clears throat* eating greens is a special treat it makes long ears and great big feet. *looks over at bambi* but its sure is awful stuff to eat. *whispers* i made that last part up myself.

so whats gonna happen? whos bambi gonna meet next? find out in part 4.
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baby bambi

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PostSubject: Re: baby bambis story.   Fri Nov 10, 2006 4:00 pm

part 4: bambi gets ready to eat the clovers when a frog jumps out of them.
frog: watch out. watch out.
it jumps in a pond. bambi looks into the pond. he sees his reflection but thinks its another fawn and tries to touch noses with it. brr thats cold. when he shakes it off he looks again this time he sees not 1 but 2 fawns in the pond. the fawn giggles and playfully chases bambi. he hides behind his mom.
bambis mom: thats little faline.
faline: kinda bashful isnt he mamma?
falines mom; well maybe he wouldnt be if youd just say hello.
faline: hello bambi. i said hello.
bambis mom: well arent you gonna answer her?
bambi shakes his head.
bambis mom: your not afraid are you?
he shakes his head again.
bambis mom: well then go ahead. go on say hello.
bambi: hewwo.
faline laughs and playfully kicks her legs at him. he lands in the water getting his diaper wet. hes kinda upset but not as sad upset but mad upset. faline goes behind it in soem grass playing with him. hes about had when out of nowhere she comes out of the grass and kisses him. hes really mad now.
bambi: you!!!!!!!!
he chases her. as they chase each other he starts having fun. they chase each other to where a bunch of deer are gathering bambi sees 2 of them fighting. he mimmicks 1. he follows them into a clearing where they stop. bambi is wondering til he sees a stag come out, he walks over to bambi and looks down at him. bambi smiles at him. the stag kinda smiles and bambis smile goes away.
bambi: he stopped and looked at me.
bambis mom: yes i know.
bambi: why was ebery1 stiww when he came on the meadow.
bambis mom: every1 respects him. for all the deer in the forest not 1 has lived half so long. hes very brave and very wise that is why hes known as the great prince of the forest.
the great prince goes out to a mountain and watches. as he looks he sees some birds heeding a warning. its man. he runs down and warns every1.
great prince: every1 hurry man is on his way.
every1 is running during all this bambi is seperated from his mom.
bambi: mother. mother. mother!!!!
the great prince sees bambi and leads him to where his moms at.
bambi: what happened mother? why did we run?
bambis mom: man was in the forest.

part 5 is coming keep watching this story is about to get interesting.
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baby bambi

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PostSubject: Re: baby bambis story.   Sat Nov 11, 2006 6:44 pm

ok guys for those of you who has seen the movie you know whats going to happen but if you want keep reading.

part 5: its winter all the leaves are gone and bambi notices something hes never seen before. knowing hed probably get it wrong he asks his mom.
bambi: mother whats all that white stuff.
bambis mom: why its snow.
bambi: snow?
bambis mom: yes winter has come
bambi goes out into the snow covered ground. while hes walking he tries to avoid big clumps snow falling off the tree but eventually is hit by 1. he then gets up and shakes the snow off. he then sees thumper.
thumper: hiya bambi. watch what i can do.
he watches in amazement as thumper goes not in but on the water. 1 again hes perplexed.
thumper: come on its alright. look. *pounds his foot on the frozen lake* the waters stiff..
bambi goes towards the ice and jumps and tries to stay up but whoops. he lands right on the ice. ouch.
thumper: some fun huh bambi? come on like this.
bambi tries again but falls again. thumper helps him up but every time he does bambi falls again.
thumper: kinda wobbly arent ya? *he wiggles bambis and he almost falls on thumper* ahem. *thumper pushes on 1 end to get him up again but bambis legs cross* you gotta watch both ends at the same time. guess youd better unwind it. *thumper finally gets him up on his feet and pushes him to get started. in the end they land in a big pile of snow as thumper gets out he hears snoring. its flower.*
bambi and thumper: wake up flower.
flower: *yawns* is it spring yet?
bambi: nope winters just starting.
thumper: what ya doing hibernating.
flower: uh huh.
bambi: what ya wanna do that for?
flower: heh heh. all us flowers sleep in the winter. well good night.
winter sets in. we see bambi and his mom. bambi is a little discouraged.
bambi: winter sure is long isnt it?
bambis mom: it seems long but it wont last forever.
bambi: im awful hungry mother.
bambis mom: yes i know.
a couple of days later they walk out.
bambis mom: bambi come here. new spring grass.
once again theres a sign of danger and bambis mom knows it.
bambis mom: bambi quick the thicket. faster faster bambi dont look back keep running keep running. *theres a shot heard. bambi gets to the thicket but theres something not right*
bambi: we we made mother. we... mother. *what bambi doesnt realize yet that his mom is now dead. he starts walking every time calling her. he starts getting discouraged.*
bambi: mother. *cries and then gasps. there right before him is the great prince*
great prince: your mother cant be with you any more.
bambi starts crying. there are tears in his eyes. the great prince looks at his son.
great prince: come my son.

ohh man. your probably thinking, what will happen? will bambis dad take good care of him? well that will be for another story because on part 6 youll see him all grown up. and hell meet up with new friends. want more info. read part 6.
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baby bambi

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PostSubject: Re: baby bambis story.   Mon Nov 13, 2006 11:08 am

part 6: its spring again in the forest. friend owl is trying to sleep but the forest is hustling and bustling with the sounds of spring.
friend owl: huh. hey stop that racket. go on scat shoo shoo. *theyre still singing* ill fix em. hoot hoot. there. HOOT HOOT! *they all stop* there i guess thatll teach em. *they start singing again* ohh whats the use. same thing every spring "tweet tweet. tweet tweet, loves sweet song" heh pain in the pinfeathers i call it. *yawns*
*he settles down but just as he does the tree hes sitting on starts shaking*
friend owl: *still clinging onto the tree* sttttop it. get out of here all of you. and you too.
theres a strange stag standing there and looks up at friend owl.
bambi: hello friend owl. dont you remember me?
friend owl: why its the young prince bambi. my my how youve changed. turn aorund there. i see you traded your spots for a pair of antlers *laughs* you know just the other day i was talking to myself and we were wondering what had become of ya.
a rabbit comes hopping up.
thumper: hello bambi. remember me? *thumps his leg on the log*
bambi: thumper.
thumper: righto. *laughs*
flower walks up.
flower: hiya fellas.
bambi: flower.
flower: yeah.
2 birds come flying by.
flower: well whats the matter with them?
thumper: why are they acting that way?
friend owl: dont you know? theyre twitterpatted.
all 3 of them: twitterpatted?
friend: yes nearly everybody gets twitterpatted in the spring time. for example. *clears throat* you were walking along minding your own business. your either looking to the left or to the right when all of a suddne your run smack into a pretty face. hoo hoo. *flower jumps on thumper* you begin to get weak in the knees your heads in a whirl. and then you feel light as a feather and before you know it your walking on air. and then you know what? your knocked for a loop and you completely lose your head.
thumper: gosh thats awful.
flower: gee whiz.
bambi: terrible.
friend owl: so youd better be careful. it can happen to you and you and... *flower points to himself* yes even you.
thumper: well its not gonna happen to me.
flower: me either.
bambi: me either.

will they keep theyre word and not get twitterpatted? or will nature take its course? find out in part 7.
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baby bambi

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PostSubject: Re: baby bambis story.   Tue Nov 14, 2006 11:12 am

part 7: bambi thumper and flower all leave friend owls tree heads up in the sky. theyre not aware of whats about to happen. as they walk by some flowers a lady skunk is there and notices flower. as they walk by flower hears some giggling. he looks inside the bunch of flowers. there he sees a set of eyes. he rubs his and looks again. hes just about to leave when... the female skunk comes out and giggles even more. she waves at flower. he waves back. he turns his head and she taps him on the shoulder. he turns and she kisses him. hes knocked for a loop. his hea comes out from behind his tail. meanwhile bambi and thumper are walking. bambi stops.
thumper: hey. why did you stop?
bambi: look.
thumper looks. he sees flower with a female skunk.
flower: he he he.
thumper: huh. twitterpatted.
they keep walking and when they come by another patch of flowers theres a female rabbit.
female rabbit: ohh. *as he walks by* ahem. ha ha ha. *starts singing* ohh.
they both wave at each with theyre ears. she continues singing.
female rabbit: hello.
thumper gets wide eyed and she comes over and kisses him. he starts thumping his foot. she puts her paw on his nose and he stops and falls over. bambi looks over and sees thumper enjoying himself. he shakes his head in disbelief. he comes across some water and there is a female deer.
faline: hello bambi. remember me? im faline. *he falls over and she laughs. he tries to get away and gets caught in some branches. she kisses him but instead of getting angry like the last he sighs. he feels as light as a feather. hes twitterpatted. they chase each other and when they come to some brush a rival stag comes.
faline: bambi. *the stag starts pushing faline away* bambi.
bambi doesnt like this and starts fighting him. they keep going and bambi ends up the victor. he goes to faline.

get ready this story is about to end. just 1 more part left. part 8 is all that is left. stay tuned
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baby bambi

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PostSubject: Re: baby bambis story.   Wed Nov 15, 2006 12:47 pm

part 6: after a long night with faline and happy that he has her he hears something. the noise i familiar to him. he walks to a ridge sure enough man is there.
great prince: it is man. he is here again. there are many this time. hurry follow me.
bambi: faline. *remembering shes still where he left her*
faline: bambi. bambi where are you? bambi.
bambi: faline. faline. faline.
all the animals go into hiding.
quail: hes coming closer.
other quail: hush and dont get excited.
quail: wed better fly.
other quail: no dont fly. whatever you do dont fly.
quail: hes almost here. i cant stand it any longer.
a shot is heard and the quail lands there dead. all the animals scatter.
faline: bambi.
bambi: faline.
as faline runs a bunch of dogs come and chase her.
faline: bambi.
bamib: *hearing her clears the dogs out of the way for her to make her escape* quick faline jump. *he starts running and knock some rocks on the dogs head and just as he jumps over a ravine hes shot in the leg. moments later a fire starts. as the fire spreads every1s running for their lives. all except bambi who is still injured. the great prince walks up to him.
great prince: get up bambi. 8he tries but falls down again* you must get up. get up get up. now follow me.
they start heading out of the forest which is still burning. they make it to a waterfall and jump. faline is waiting there for them and is happy to see theyre ok.
faline: bambi.
a couple of days later friend owl is sleeping in his tree when... thumper and 3 baby rabbits start pounding on his log.
thumper: wake up friend owl.
baby rabbits: wake up friend owl.
friend owl: ohh what now? hey whats going on around here. *asking flower who is also on his way*
flower: its happened.
friend owl: happened?
flower: yes in the thicket. hurry up bambi.
bambi: yes pappa im coming.
they all head into the thicket. there once again the whole crowd is hushed. for there in the thicket next to faline was not 1 but...
animal 1: 2 of them. ohh ho ho.
friend owl: well sir i never think i could see a likey more looking pair of fawns. prince bambi oughta be mighty proud.
and there on a mountain was bambi looking at his children.
the end.

well i hope you enjoyed this 8 part story. sorry it took so long. stay tuned for part 2 coming soon.
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PostSubject: Re: baby bambis story.   

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baby bambis story.
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